Human resources consulting

Back in the Wild West, a headhunter was a feared man who caught the bad guys and brought them to the sheriff.

Today, a headhunter for whom, as in the Wild West, there is not even an apprenticeship, is a person who helps employers fill vacant positions. Some call themselves personnel consultants or executive search, which of course sounds better.

Another difference: the person still has to live!

„Bringing people together“ is my job. As you know, I am also a headhunter, recruiter, personnel consultant, coach or executive search.

My credo was and still is that both parties have to feel comfortable. The candidate must have found exactly his position, the employer must have exactly the candidate he needs to continue to grow and to continue to be successful.

Because nothing is more important than having a good team. What is the use of the best product, the best performance if there is no one who can also announce the good news and implement it for the customer, there is no one who takes care of complex processes in the company and there is no one who also has a handle on sales has or can help the customer if something doesn’t work.

My “highly complex” assessment process consists of getting to know and dealing with people. I myself have been in the situation of an employee long enough and thus understand the needs of an applicant. I also understand the needs of my clients, no, my partners, who entrust me with the task of adding to your team.

I do the preparatory work for my partners until I have found candidates who best fit 100%. I usually accompany the first appointment.

Discretion is top priority. Trust too. With me, no one will be recruited once the employment contract has been signed. It has to be open and fair. I couldn’t even poach people because they found their challenge.

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