Shining Example

I have already reported on the partnership with ProntoTV.

Digital signage is the topic.

Retail the customer group.

Pharmacies the target customers.

First of all … 😉

Last week I could accompany another installation.

Robust und Chic

Robust, stable and tip-proof. This is how a floor stand should be. It should also look appealing. Universally applicable and adaptable, that would be additional requirements.

Nordland has many years of experience and appropriate solutions. In previous installations, the floor stand as shown in the photographs was almost always used. The stainless steel tubes can be shortened and thus adapted to the requirements of the customer. Sometimes as a floor stand with a base plate, sometimes as a version that can be screwed onto the shop window shelf. Flexible.

When choosing the suitable floor stand, it was important to me that the electronics and cables can be housed out of sight. The cover used can be removed with a special tool within minutes for service purposes.

Result. A shining example of how you present yourself, your products and your services today. The pharmacist is very happy.

Thanks to the modular system, which is already preconfigured at Nordland, it is possible to keep the installation time and the disruptions in day-to-day business as short as possible. Once connected to the power supply, the system must initially be registered with the CMS, everything else runs via the self-sufficient network of ProntoTV.

Personally, I don’t believe in off-the-peg offers. Standardization and the definition of what concerns the player PC, LTE router and floor stand is useful and necessary. Still, every project is different. Screen size, lighting conditions, installation location, attachment, etc. are all good reasons to see each installation as a project that needs to be planned. Together with Nordland, ProntoTV and my manufacturer partners and distributors, we can offer our customers the best possible solution.

We are Partners

We are there for our customers before, during and after the purchase. Consulting. Planning. Project support. Interface to other trades when renovating or building new ones. On-site service. Leasing. Our carefree package.


With the extremely positive experiences with our successful installations to date, we are happy to continue to take care of „our“ pharmacies.

But ProntoTV can do a lot more and has proven it several times. Numerous awards show this.

The focus is on retail. The solutions that we offer pharmacies today are just as suitable for all other industries.

Interested? Please contact me.

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