Project 2021

„We can’t see or hear anything from you anymore, is everything okay?“

I’ve been asked this question a few times now. The answer is, „Yes, I’m fine, very well!“

Why is it a little quieter?

On the one hand, there are still a few projects to be implemented in pharmacies at the end of the year, which I am very pleased and which of course I prefer to take care of myself, and on the other hand, I have tackled a much larger project.

TK AVconsult moves!

For a longer time I’ve been looking for larger premises. At the beginning of October I got a tip that a former pharmacy could be rented in my old home in Schramberg. Area – perfect. Conditions – perfect. Pharmacy – wonderful!

The lease has been signed and the renovation work has started. The local press has already reported on my project. I think then I should give some information here.

Anyone who has ever undertaken such a move with their company knows the amount of effort involved. Mainly because of this, it has become a little quieter.

The „old pharmacy“ is very suitable as a new, spacious office with sufficient storage space and ancillary rooms. In addition, the former office is being expanded as a showroom for digital signage and modern workspaces. The charm of a historic pharmacy, always run as a pharmacy from 1824 to 2018, should be preserved.

As a showroom that presents digital information systems for pharmacies, it is of course also a wonderful setting. The concept of the showroom is historical meets modern. The showroom will also be interesting enough for all other industries if modern interactive systems are shown. A conference room will also be set up.

More information and photographs will follow! Stay tuned...

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