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Confusing and challenging times that we have never experienced before. This shutdown, it loosens. Too late, too early? You can argue about that. I don’t even want to address all the conspiracy theories.

Aid programs help some of them. As far as our event industry is concerned, I think that just a lot more must be done. No sales without events, the many specialists are at home, the expensive material is not on the road but in the warehouse.

Home office: How have you been doing so far? Are you back at your place of work? Would you like to be back in your office? Where do you feel more comfortable? Where are you more productive? The much-cited work-life balance. What about it? Fixed daily routine? Time to keep fit?

What about digitization? Bandwidth, security, hardware? How satisfied are you with all the framework conditions when you think about your work in the home office?

As a manager, how satisfied are you with your team? Did you have to change your leadership style? Paradigm shift in leadership? A new culture? Since I am now in contact with many managing directors and team leaders, everything is there in a range from loss of control to 100% trust. The other way around: what certificate would your team give you?

Our industry is flexible and innovative. Instead of face-to-face customer visits, webinars are organized. I have visited many and can say that the quality, creativity and knowledge transfer are of a very high standard. Now it is rather the case that I cannot attend all webinars that would interest me. A flood of invitations that arrives every day.

Will this continue to be the case even if we are allowed to travel again? I do not think so. We have certainly learned to deal with all of the solutions, no matter what their name is. We have certainly seen that it must also work under these circumstances. There will still be people business!

Digital pact. At this year’s Learntec trade show I was able to explore how far the hardware and software industry is. More than ready to finally make the schools digital. What happened? You will agree with me when I say: „way too few!“ I see that with my son who will graduate next year. Pages from books and worksheets are photographed via messenger services or e-mail and distributed as tasks. Is that class?

I am looking forward to your feedback.

It will be a while before we can experience normalcy again.

I wish all of us perseverance, confidence and successful business. Stay healthy! And visible!

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