Unfamiliar territory – Digital Fashion Days

SPH AG, a specialist in software solutions for the fashion industry, invited me to this event, the „Digital Fashion Days“.

A conference under the motto „Shared Intelligence“ with the aim of looking at and discussing current issues from different perspectives through networking and exciting keynotes. The program promised to be something special through excellent keynotes and top-class partners of the event.

The fashion industry – unfamiliar territory for me, that was my first feeling. The topics that were discussed here were so interesting and, for the most part, so present in our industry and in my environment that one could not avoid the gripping lectures. The venue couldn’t be better chosen. The hotel and golf resort „Der Öschberghof“ in Donaueschingen was the venue on October 1st and 2nd.

SHARP displays make an irresistible impression on any terrain.

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SHARP was there and supported the event with its display technologies. A 4K 85 „LCD display (PN-HM851) was placed next to the stage – you couldn’t escape the brilliant picture. The SHARP specialists naturally had the unique and successful Windows Collaboration Display and a customer stopper with them the solution of the „customer traffic light“ and a touch table was presented by and with Grunwald Display Solutions.

Detlef Beiter, Chairman of the Board of SPH AG, opened the event. Prof. Dr Jochen Strähle, Dean of Faculty Textile & Design at Reutlingen University, moderated the entire event in a good mood with his refreshing manner.

The topics were extremely interesting and the speakers were top-class.

So it was about the fashion industry and the current challenges. Above all, they looked ahead. It quickly became clear to me that many other industries (should) deal with precisely these questions.

The change from product sales to service.

What are the needs for action and the challenges for industry and trade?

The topic of data collection and the handling of the data obtained was a central issue. How do other industries, industry companions, do that? How is customer data collected, what do you do with it? How do you use the data – successfully? How can this be used to positively influence the customer journey?

Dr Daniel Gutting (Managing Director, Peter Hahn) reported impressively on the digitization of his company and how e.g. the newsletters from his company work. A central point was that the right specialists must be deployed in the right place for digitization and integrated into the corporate culture.

Dr Thomas Heyn, a partner of Jack Russell Consulting, discussed questions about attracting and retaining experts in the digital age. He spoke about Generation Y and what the challenges and opportunities are to use them properly in the company.

The possibilities of artificial intelligence were also discussed. What can AI do today, where are the limits?

What modern software solutions look like and how one can improve and shorten processes with high-performance solutions, also with the help of AI, were further interesting discussions.

Questions that occupied me for a longer time:

Will retail as we know it today still exist in a few years, in 2050?
How will shopping behaviour continue to change?
Does retail have to deal with new concepts? Is the customer experience more and more the focus?

All in all, a successful day, perfectly organized, also in terms of the hygiene concept, a wonderful location and, above all, a very good network event.

Thank you for the invitation and the entire SPH AG team for this successful event.

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