Last week I have been stying in a hotel which commemorates the successful and influential author of the Enlightenment, Voltaire. Frederick II actually had this building built for Voltaire. However, the writer and philosopher has only entered the building once.

Voltaire wrote: „Nothing is more dangerous in the world than greatness.“

This may not apply to the display sizes to be realized. For competitors maybe?

Together with Nordland, we realized the first „digital shop window“ with a 70 „display from Sharp. Brilliant and visible from afar in the passage at Potsdamer Bahnhof.

For and with ProntoTV, of course.


Erschreckend: nur noch 13% der Mitarbeiter haben eine hohe emotionale Bindung zu ihrem jetzigen Unternehmen. 69% haben eine geringe Bindung und 18% keine emotionale Bindung (mehr) zu Ihrem Unternehmen.  Fliehkraft weiterlesen


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