SHARP – CustomerAccess Control

This project could be signed with the motto #sticktogether. Together with its partner Grunwald Display Solutions, SHARP has developed a digital customer access control.


Especially in the current crisis, it is important for many retailers to comply with the regulations under Corona, but also to present themselves in a timely manner. The digital customer traffic light reliably counts the customer flow with a special sensor, which also takes into account the walking direction of the people and ensures the necessary hygiene with the dispenser for disinfectants.

A simple light barrier is not precise enough for this area of ​​application. With the 3D sensor used by Grunwald, only people who enter the shop and customers who leave the premises are reliably detected. This enables an exact recording of the customer flow.

The customer traffic light now presented is equipped with 50 „displays from SHARP and equipped with the HW or M series depending on the requirements.

  • Plug and play
  • Customizing
  • Stability
  • self-sufficient operation
  • expandable
  • scalable
  • flexible use

In our conversation Michael Grunwald explained to me why he chose SHARP displays. The reliability and the wide selection of professional displays played an important role. How he had the first discussions with the SHARP team about this solution, he was given expert advice and, as for other projects, received quick and competent support.


The systems from Grunwald adapt to the needs of its customers, so a disinfection station can be integrated and the software used by digimago can be adapted to the needs of the customers in a variety of ways. Information on offers through to interactive solutions, e.g. to bridging waiting times is possible. You can think of signposting systems, competitions, discounts and many other solutions. Software that can be summarized under the term „gamification“ is also conceivable. Even a connection to in-store radio solutions, here Grunwald works with „storemoods“, can be realized.

The solutions should stimulate customers and visitors to deal with them. Thought further, the stele could also serve as sales aids for the staff. Here e.g. work with RFID tags.

It is important that the solutions can be used in a variety of ways even after Corona. „The SHARP portfolio can meet all of these requirements,“ said Michael Grunwald.


Solutions from Grunwald Display Solutions – examples

© Photographs: Grunwald Display Solutions GmbH 2020

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