A special Wednesday?

Yesterday, a dear business partner reminded me that my company has already existed (or not yet?) for two years and that I could also adjust my „About me“ page. Done!

With the end of the month of June, conversion of accounting to 16% VAT and a lot of wonderful work, I didn’t really notice last Wednesday. Do you have to celebrate that every year? No I do not think so.

Now that I know it, a few personal words.

I have developed further. My company has developed, fortunately even better than I had planned. Every day is still a new and exciting challenge, but I like to devote myself to it with a lot of joy, verve and fun.

I accompanied some partners for a project, some for a while, and for others I look forward to constant cooperation every day.

I was recently asked whether I regret taking the step into self-employment. Just simply: no!

The ProAV world has changed rapidly in these two years. AV-IT convergence, digitization, modern work spaces, home office are the keywords that accompany us every day.

Who would have thought that ISE would be the last presence fair for many of us?

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented crisis, especially the event industry is suffering massively and urgently needs support.

We have learned new ways to connect and learn with others. Many in the home office have also reached their limits, technically and mentally.

With all the restrictions and losses that we had to accept, I am sure that our industry has also developed a good deal and is emerging from this crisis with new ideas.

How I enjoyed being able to attend a first customer appointment again in early June and being able to attend the inspiring AV Innovation Days at LANG AG. Further appointments followed. Finally out again. People business.

Stay healthy!

Stay visible!

Stay confident!

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