AVID 2021 – Impressions

Tradeshows are possible

Face-to-face events are hardly possible during these times. That you can still meet and experience friends, partners and manufacturers live is rare. Lang AG in Lindlar has impressively demonstrated how something like this can still work.

Pioneer? Sample event?

There was a lot of uncertainty in advance. One wondered if the event would even take place. The event took place with a safety concept and compliance with all hygiene rules.

The „ticket“ for visitors, exhibitors and employees was an antigen test. Without a negative result, entry to the Lang Academy, where the exhibition took place, was not possible. The personal barcode that was linked to the result of the quick test was the only way to enter the rooms. The first time for me that a negative decision brought so many positive things 😉

Sure, a quick test like this, in which a cotton swab is pushed into regions of the nose that has never been reached, felt into the front lobe of the brain, is not really pleasant. But bear it and you know afterwards that you are not infected with the virus. A feeling of security and, above all, you know that there is a high probability that you will not meet anyone at the event who could infect you.

Air purifiers, regular ventilation and compulsory masking – more is not possible.

Whether and how this can work for larger events is mainly to be seen from the point of view of organization and costs.

What Lang AG has achieved: perfect organization with a great team and, above all, an excellent industry meeting.

Colorful impressions

Colorful pictures dominated the exhibition. LED manufacturers, LCD specialists such as Sharp, video specialists and signal management shaped the exhibition. Interesting discussions on stage with a lot of input.

Above all, personal contact with business partners, friends and specialists from the industry was what not only I had longed for.

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