TK AVsolutions

TK AVsolutions

With the move to Schramberg in my „old pharmacy“ there is also a new additional logo. TK AVsolutions. Why?

My company has developed. With the partnership with ProntoTV, at the latest, I added the topic of digital signage to my portfolio. With the first projects in pharmacies, I quickly realized that our solutions are also interesting for other retail markets. An ice cream cafe, the owner of a snack bar and a fashion store came up to me and asked for solutions for their company.

The prerequisites are in place.

Consulting – content creation – planning – installation – support

I can offer all of this together with my partners. Full service provider for digital information systems!

If sound reinforcement solutions are required beside the visual issues, all the better. Here, too, I have many years of experience and partners who are at my side.

From the idea to the conception to photos, videos and a digital marketing strategy. We are also happy to take care of content maintenance for you.

Installation on your premises and on-site service, as well as suitable leasing and financing options, you can and may expect from us.

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